The John A. Nason Marching & Chowder Society

Tina explains:

On July 7, 1991, in my apartment in Marina del Rey, Don Martin, Tina Lewis, Don Hassler, and Paula Hassler, signed as charter members of the John A. Nason Marching & Chowder Society. The first meeting was held in memory of Bill Irving, Jack Nason, Melvin Leahy, Ella Runge, Warren Taylor, Martin Runge, Martha Martin, Marie Leahy, Merwin Martin. I’m not sure why they were listed in that order; perhaps in the order of when they died.

Don Martin wrote:

Society Sidenotes: Each meeting begins in high spirits (!) with a toast “to Uncle Jack and those who have gone before us.” Depending on the mood of the group and recent experiences, perhaps a favorite story or memory of Jack is retold. Sometime during the course of the festivities one of us will say “What did Aunt Dot do lately?!” Thus, bringing Jack’s better half into the record. Dot, of course, is now this family’s matriarch and has always been the oral historian and most entertaining storyteller of the bunch. Request to the membership: Begin a project now to get dear Dot on tape. Her remembrances are precious, but it’s the style that endears.

Many thanks to Don Martin for contributing the Clubhouse Journal!